Jenny studied Classical Philology in Berlin (Humboldt University) where she received her MA in 2019. Since then she has taught numerous Greek and Latin classes online and in person, working for different organizations like the Paideia Institute, New York, Cultura Clásica, Madrid, and Triodos Trivium (which she co-founded and ran together with Rogelio Toledo until December 2023). Jenny lives with her family in rural Germany, outside of Berlin.


Argos is named after the faithful dog of Odysseus who waited twenty years for his master to return. Jenny’s Argos is just as faithful as Odysseus’ dog was, and he knows Ancient Greek just as well. Argos’ hobbies are eating and barking.

Videos in Ancient Greek

Since 2020 Jenny has created a number of YouTube videos in Ancient Greek. Here are some of here favorite ones. A new YouTube channel is in the making but in the meantime you can…

Interview with Michael Kopf
Marcus Aurelius in Carnuntum
Interview with Christophe Rico (Polis Institute)

Argos can’t stand the heat, so he won’t be there, but at least with Jenny you can…

Learn Ancient Greek in Greece this summer!