Summer School 2024

Summer School 2024 on Naxos

Immerse yourself in Ancient Greek this summer!

Course Description

Do you want to get better at Ancient Greek? And would you like to do so while exploring ancient ruins, beautiful landscapes and making new friends?

Then join us on Naxos this year for our Ancient Greek summer school!

Our program will offer you:

  • ten days of language immersion,
  • daily classroom instruction,
  • the opportunity to learn and speak Ancient Greek also outside of the class room, during joint meals, swims in the sea or strolls on the beach,
  • excursions and museum visits.

One highlight this year will be an optional day trip to Santorini, the famous volcano island with its breathtaking views and its uniquely preserved Minoan history.


From July 31 (Wednesday) to August 10, 2024 (Saturday)


Standard: 950€
Students: 800€

Note: All prices include class instruction, entry to museums and sites, as well as transportation during trips. It does not cover your own travel costs and accommodation. For accommodations see the FAQ below.


Joanna Thornhill

Joanna Thornhill was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California. She studies Liberal Arts at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has a great passion for ancient languages and is particularly interested in how to actively use and teach them in a way that is both comprehensible to students and faithful to the idiom and usage of the ancient writers. She has taught a variety of students Greek and Latin both in individual and group settings. Outside of her studies, you can find her doing outdoor activities, like hiking the beautiful mountains of Santa Fe.

Jenny Teichmann

Jenny graduated in Classics at Humboldt University, Berlin. She has taught numerous classes in spoken Latin and Ancient Greek for Triodos Trivium (Berlin), the Paideia Institute (New York), and Cultura Clásica (Madrid).


What We Will See

Temple of Apollo, Naxos Chora

Medieval Castle of Naxos Chora

Cycladic Figurine (c. 3000-2000 BC), Archeological Museum Naxos

Naxos Old Town

Optional Day Trip: Santorini


For whom is this program?

This program is for advanced beginners to intermediate/advanced students. It aims at:

  • students who want to deepen their knowledge of Ancient Greek through immersion,
  • teachers of Ancient Greek interested in the active method.

Are there any prerequisites?

  • basic knowledge of Ancient Greek (at least one year of university studies or equivalent)
  • previous experience speaking Ancient Greek is welcome but not necessary

Do you provide accommodation? Where can I stay on Naxos?

We have booked a limited number of hotel rooms that can be shared with other participants or used as single rooms. If you are interested in one of the pre-booked rooms, please let us know and we will give you more details.

Where will classes be held?

In Chora, the main town of Naxos. The exact venue will be announced here shortly.

What is your refund policy?

If you cancel before June 1, 2024, you will receive a full refund minus 50€ administrative fee. If you
cancel after June 1, 2024, you will receive a partial refund that will depend on the expenses we will have made already on your behalf (like booking a room, transportation, buying entrance tickets etc.).

How do I register?

To register, please send an email at:

Registration & Further Questions

To register for this program, or if you have further questions, please send an email at:

We look forward to hearing from you!