Hellenistic Poetry

οἱ μετὰ Ἀλέξανδρον ποιηταί // Hellenistic Poetry


The Hellenistic Period introduced many changes and innovations into the Greek-speaking world, not the least of which were new ideas about the aesthetics of poetry. In this course we will read some of the most important poets of the Hellenistic Age in order to gain an appreciation for Hellenistic aesthetics. Using Callimachus, Theocritus, Asclepiades of Samos, and Cleanthes as examples, we will explore the major genres of the period, including hymns, epigrams, bucolic poetry, and epic. Specifically, we will look at:

  • The beginning of Callimachus’ fragmentary Aetia, his Reply to the Telchines
  • Callimachus’ Hymn to Zeus
  • Cleanthes’ Stoic Hymn to Zeus
  • A selection of epigrams, especially by Asclepiades of Samos
  • Theocritus’ Idyll 11 (The Cyclops)

For Whom Is This Course?

  • intermediate to advanced learners of Ancient Greek


  • good knowledge of Ancient Greek (at least one year of university studies or equivalent)
  • prior knowledge speaking the language is recommended


Language of Instruction

  • Ancient Greek

Time & Date

  • From May 13, 2024, to July 15, 2024
    Every Monday,
    20:00-21:00 Central European Time


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Josef Chlachula

Josef grew up in Minnesota and is now pursuing a master’s degree in classical philology in Prague, Czech Republic. He has been a participant in many workshops and conferences for spoken Latin and Greek and assisted in leading a few tours in Ancient Greek at Argos’ recent Easter School (Prague). He is writing his master’s thesis on the Διατριβαί of Epictetus.


  • Standard: 250€
  • Students: 220€


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How many students are there in each class?

Classes are capped at six students.

What pronunciation do you use?

We use the Erasmian pronunciation of Ancient Greek.

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